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Frequently Asked Questions

System requirements

For the script to work properly, you must have:
  • a web hosting
  • PHP 5
  • a MySQL database
  • function file_put_contents() must be activated
  • function set_time_limit() must be activated
  • CURL library or function file_get_contents() activated

How to install the script

The full install procedure is explained in files readme_fr.txt and readme_en.txt provided in the archive you received by e-mail.

Can the script run in a subfolder?

Yes, of course.
You can run the script from a subfolder so that you save a domain or a subdomain.
The automatic installation will determine the path that must be used.

Can I receive my reports by e-mail?

Yes, you just need to set up a cron task on your server, and the script will be automatically launched at your chosen interval. The file that should be hit by the cron task is located here : batch/index.php.
More information will be given in the script's FAQ.

How to make cron task?

To get your reports by e-mail, you must insert the following ligne in your crontab:
m h * * * /home/your username/script folder/batch/index.php

Make sure to replace "m" by a figure representing minutes, and "h" a figure representing hours. The monitoring script will the execute everyday a "h" hours and "m" minutes.

Remember that most hosting companies offer the possibility to set up a cron task from their control panel, which makes things even easier.

How do I contact the support?

To contact the support, go to the support section and fill in the form to contact us and ask your question.
Very important point: in order to have your request proceeded, make sure to include your registration e-mail, your name and the registration key you received by e-mail.
If one is missing, your request will be automatically rejected.