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Monitor your link exchanges and paid links

Fed up with unreliable link partnerships?

  • You have contracted a link exchange with one or more webmasters but you are not sure they will respect the terms?
  • You have purchased one or more paid links to some site owners and you want to easily check that they are really there in order not to lose money?
  • You do not have enough time to manually check those sites?
Here is the solution! Use a link monitoring tool a real reciprocal link checker to ensure your links are at the right place!

Get a detailed report by e-mail AUTOMATICALLY every hour or every day, you choose the interval!

A script to monitor links and paid links

Thanks to this script, you can automatically monitor the presence of your links on your partners' pages.

Get your backlink monitoring reports by e-mail at intervals you choose!

Buy the script now!

EUR: 25 | USD: 35

What does the reciprocal link checker?

This tool will
  • Check that the page hosting your link is accessible
  • Check if the page hosting your link is duly followed by search engine bots, meaning that the following tag does not contain the "nofollow" value <meta name="robots" content="nofollow" />
  • Check that the link is displayed on the page
  • Check that your link does not have a nofollow rel attribute (rel="nofollow")
  • If you like, an e-mail can be sent automatically to the webmaster who does not display your link on his page. Otherwise, you can do it manually
  • Save the report to your control panel

How does link monitoring works?

This application runs on a web hosting and allows to check link exchanges, link partnerships and paid links that you have established with other webmasters.

This user interface is simple and clear, its use is extremely intuitive so that you will totally master the script in minutes.

  1. Add links to monitor
    You just need to input the addresses of the web pages that host your links, URLs of your own links, remote site language (in order to automatically contact the webmaster), et optionally the webmaster's e-mail and the e-mail you want to use in this case, so that you can directly contact him/her (if he/she does not respect your terms).

  2. Specify your preferences
    You just need to specify your preferred language for the interface and whether you want the script to automatically warn your partners that the link is broken.

  3. Create your own notification texts
    You can choose whethe you want to use default messages (in English and in French) provided with the script, or if you want to redact your own texts to notify your partners that your links are absent on their pages.
    This way you have more flexibility.

  4. Launch the monitoring process
    Select the links you want to check among your list.
    The script will search for your links on your partners' web pages that you have input before.
    For each page, the script will ensure that
    • the page is available
    • the "meta robots" tag is set to follow
    • that each of your links is present
    • that for each of your links, the "rel" attribute is not set to "nofollow" in order to be sure that they are indexed by search engine robots.
    Right after this analysis, a detailed report of each of the above-mentioned points is provided for each of your links.
    You can save this links monitoring report to take look at it later on and compare with older report to evaluate your partners' reliability.

  5. Notify webmasters that your link is absent
    If you chose automatic notification in your preferences panel, an e-mail is automatically sent to webmasters responsible for the sites on which links have not been found.
    Otherwise, a mere click allows you to send an e-mail about to warn the webmaster trough AJAX.
  6. Automatically receive your report by e-mail
    Simply set up a cron task and you'll get your report by e-mail at intervals you chose.
    Want to know how are your links doing every hour, that's easy and reliable!

Buy the script now!

EUR: 25 | USD: 35


A few paid services exist and allow you to check your links exchanges, but confidentiality is still an issue...
Not only you get a cheap rate, but you even keep control of your data, so all your link partnerships and paid links will always remain secret. You are the only person who knows about your exchanges and paid links that you monitor.

The software avoids you to divulgate the sites with which you contracted a partnership or on which you purchased one or more links.
You will therefore be sure that you only have this information and the it will be the greatest and most reliable confidentiality ever.

Any questions ?

For any question, please read the FAQ section.